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4K tests on the FS700

May 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Two days ago I took the FS700 and a few lenses, namely the SELP 18-200 and some older Nikon 24mm/f2 AI & Nikon 50mm/f2 AI (unfortunately the 2 Adorama links will only get you similar but not exactly those specific lenses) down to Ocean Blvd and Rainbow Lagoon Park for some dusk and night time shooting and technical testing of a couple of lenses and my 4K workflow. The Nikon lenses were attached to the FS700 using a Metabones Nikon G to E mount speedbooster.

Man it turned out to be a bear! I've got what I thought was a pretty decent (if stock) Apple rig: 3.5GHz Quad Core i7 32Gb 2013 iMac and rendering this barely 4 minute sample video into 720p took about 19 hours. :o/

What's even more annoying is that although the export (share) was successful there's some odd glitches and jerks that I don't think were there in the camera movement however I can't be sure as FCP actually refuses to render the clip. So I can't actually play it on my computer. In fact I can't even play the raw 4K file without stuttering. The opening clip which is cut to about 8 seconds in the video is actually 13 seconds long on disk and it's just under a Gig large. A minute and a half original clip in 4K is about 7 and a half Gb on disk. I need to figure this out or I'm just not going to be shooting very much 4K at all  :(

Oddly enough rendering it to 1080p seems to be flying along much faster now. I suspect it's the Neat Video De-noiser and lack of GPU support. Oh well here you go. Enjoy some casual shots of 2 Long Beach locations.




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