Jackrabbit Photo | Wow...January, huh?

Wow...January, huh?

December 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Gosh I haven't been doing so well with this whole "Keep your blog up-to-date and let it market your services" thing now have I? :) Actually although I wasn't posting here at all, I was a bit more active on Facebook, probably mainly cos it's easier and quicker to post there and also one can do it while one is procrastinating work. And, the feedback reward is so much quicker too. You can follow those posts at facebook.com/JackrabbitPhoto.
It's definitely been an interesting year or two. Time's flown. There were times when I felt so busy and overwhelmed that additional marketing was about the last thing I wanted anything to do with. It's kinda funny when the SEO marketing shysters call you up and start with their standard pitch "Could you use more business this year?" And you answer them dead earnest and in all seriousness  “No! Oh God No! Please!"
Last year for example was especially insane with many weeks running 2 in some cases 3 shoots a day back-to-back, plus having clients visit for viewings and to select images pretty much seven days a week for dang nearly most of the year. I'm not sure I ever want to be quite that busy again, but I did learn lots, and I met a ton of new folks, and I even managed to make a few new friends along the way in spite of myself.  :)
And also, somewhere along the way I got bitten by the video/motion picture bug. Still photography as a profession is quite doable and lots of fun but let’s face it, motion and sound is so much more enveloping and exciting. It's like the difference between enjoying a beer on your front porch or drinking one at a party. Both fun, and there's definitely a time and place for each, but that party provides so much more stimulation!
Anyway, this is just a quick post to say “Hi! Yes I’m alive! And kicking...Hard!” because there hasn’t been a post in like 11 months or so. Not making any promises yet but I’m going to try and post real stuff a bit more frequently from now on.
Here’s to you and yours in 2016!  :o)


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