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Kids talent show photos

March 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Today I got to cover a talent show for kids of a client I'd worked with not too long ago. I like doing these sorts of things as the whole event is a series of challenges. To start with the lighting is a little tough. Mostly just low wattage fluorescent so not *too* hard but there's definitely some white balance tweaking during and after the shoot.

It can also be a challenge navigating the general structure of the event. As I walked in the door I was greeted by a cute but stern faced, tall, leggy blond of an event manager who said something to the effect of "You're the photographer right? Ok...you can only take pictures of *their* (my client's) kids, no one else. Got that?"  I grinned and asked her if that was actually going to be possible given there would be other kids on stage. She clearly had privacy concerns. Actually it turned out she was more worried that with me being an unknown quantity, the parents of other kids might have privacy concerns. We chewed that over a bit and then my clients arrived and we chatted some more. Eventually we decided on a form of compromise where I could photograph my clients kids while there were others on stage but I would need to try hard and focus mainly on my clients kids. 

Ok, no problem there. I did offer to take pictures of the event in general and make them available to other parents but then we only had a few minutes to figure out how to announce it and I couldn't think fast enough to decide whether to give the other parents free pictures (which wouldn't really be very fair to my clients,) or charge them a nominal rate per pic which mention of charges seemed to bring on fresh concerns with the event manager so eventually we decided to just go with what seemed acceptable.

Anyway, here are a few shots of my clients kids with no other kids in the pic. Meet Alex and Olga's cute kids, Nikolai and Irina. Destined for greatness  :)

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