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Art Strieber and Smugmug

June 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So I was fortunate today to attend a presentation by Art Streiber hosted by the LA Smugmug group. Art is a well known editorial, commercial, and celebrity photographer based out of LA.

Art's presentation, much like the Joe McNally one I attended recently at the Julia Dean Photo Workshops studio, was essentially a series of really cool photographs with Art talking about the background behind each one. So as part of the audience I got to listen to how each photograph was made, in many cases how they were conceived, what the constraints were, etc. Essentially a fascinating walk through of the details behind the images.

Art's talk was entertaining and educational. The gist of it I'd say was about the hustle of getting business, and the hustle of making the image. I'm tempted to launch into detail about the various images Art showed and talked about but I don't think I'd do it justice. So instead I'll just list a few from the talk that remain with me.

There was the shot of the Obamas in the Whitehouse and what it took to get in there and set it up. The shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor in the allotted 10 minutes. The shot of the 118 or so movie stars and directors at Paramount studios, all in one place at the same time. The shot with directors Spielberg, Camaron and Katzenburg. The recreation of the 1650 family portraits. The biplane in the sky behind Seth Rogen. The Eva Longoria dual shoot in one day. Working with actor Raiin Wilson as Macgyver. And oh yes...how can I forget the completely nude photoshoot of the US Women's Water Polo Team. Other shots I remember include the Justin Bieber work, Ryan Gosling throwing a Molotov cocktail, and the cool stills video for Mad Men.

By the way, Art's agents are Stockland Martel just in case you want to book him for like oh I don't know. Perhaps a birthday party or something.  :o)

Two of Art's many quotable moments which I'd like to share as best as I can remember them:


About getting your photography to the next level: 

...You've gotta make that decision to shoot at the next level and just go there. No one is going to come to your home one day and say "Congratulations! You've now moved to the next level". Cos that would be really weird...but cool!


And on the challenges experienced when traveling for a shoot to various places in the US outside of LA:

"...oh I love doing that. I love going to America! Cos we don't live in America. We live in LA. You can get anything here! You want a giraffe? You can have a giraffe! A giraffe is child's play. You can't get a giraffe in New York. In New York the number of dog sizes you can get is pretty limited!..."

Pure Art, Streiber!  :o)


Note: Here's a link to more pictures from the presentation. I can't believe I forgot about the stormtroopers pic!



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