Jackrabbit Photo | Visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum

Visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum

May 22, 2013  •  2 Comments

Today was quite special. As part of the gig to cover the wedding of a very cute couple, Donna Johnson and Chad Irvin at the Petersen Automotive Museum this weekend, I got to visit the museum and check out the space.

Donna and Chad are getting married on the 4th floor of the museum which is a really nice space. Open air above, a cute golden facade on the building behind where the ceremony is being held, and...an incredibly amazing collection of cars on the 3 floors below. After hanging out with Donna and Amy Lynn Sneed, Donna's friend and Wedding planner (sorry Amy, that's the first link I could find to you. Tell me if I should change it  :)   ) I spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the museum and checking out the cars.

What really surprised me was the number of machines built back in the early 1900's that could average over 40 to 80 miles per gallon. And it's not like these were made with the latest carbon-fiber based materials we have today. They were built with heavy, heavy metal. The real stuff. Well ok, there was one fiberglass car. It's the 1951 Crosley. That's the cute little red one with sharp pointy tail-fins. But that one was actually sold as a do it yourself kit which is even more impressive.

Ah well. I really enjoyed walking through the museum snapping pictures. My favorite sections were the Hollywood Stars section (with the Batmobile, Tom Cruise's ride in MI-Ghost Protocol, and Jimmy Bond's ride from that one with the Ice-Palace and Daniel Craig zipping across the ice with a machine gun and rocket enabled jaguar. (it's the green one  ;)

Enjoy the images! If you'd like to see them full screen I recommend clicking on the slideshow to visit the gallery, then select the slideshow link top right.


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