Jackrabbit Photo | The Zenfolio migration is on!

The Zenfolio migration is on!

May 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today is day 1 of migrating Jackrabbit Photo off the old Livingdot servers and into the new Zenfolio based home. I might have outlined the reasons for this move elsewhere but in short, the Livingdot server environment was proving too unstable to be relied on to run a professional site.

Today I pretty much spent the entire day learning how to use the Zenfolio environment and I like a lot of the tools provided by their framework. their client access tools for proofing and sharing images has me excited and after I sent an email out I saw the visitor count jump a notch so hopefully one of my clients is already online poking around in her album. Hi Hillary, if you're reading this, I hope you're liking the new site and your pictures!

I also like the commerce enabling tools Zenfolio provides and their tighter integration with print shops makes me feel better about being able to offer my clients a much wider range of photography related products. It's also nice not having to build all that functionality from scratch which is part of the reason there wasn't much of that on the old website.

The blog import seems to be proceeding painlessly. Even the images are getting imported which is nice although I'm curious to see how well the slideshows fare in transit. They're just images moved around with a jquery-based slider so in theory there's a good chance they might make it through intact.

Other than that, I haven't yet been able to pick a theme and layout I'm comfortable with and the images currently on the front page need to migrate off to more appropriate places in the site. I just picked some of my old favorites as a test this morning. Anyway, that's sort of like deciding on paint and window decorations in a new house. The good news is the how well the structure and layout works.

Here's to success in our new home at Zenfolio!






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