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Danielle & Jeff Engagement Photos

April 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Danielle & Jeff were in town a week back and hired me to get some engagement shots before they headed on back to Texas. They were a really fun couple to work with. Danielle has gorgeous long blond hair and a wisp of a frame and Jeff has a nifty cross between Walker, Texas Ranger and Commander William T. Riker going on.

The shot with the giant frog didn't quite turn out as originally planned. I had initially intended for it to be a diptych, with Danielle leaning in to kiss the frog in one shot and having her jump back in suprise with the frog disappearing and Jeff appearing in the next. But we forgot to shoot the second scene with Danielle jumping back in surprise so the concept got hacked into a single image instead. In retrospect, I'm not sure my Photoshop skills are good enough to make that frog convincingly disappear entirely so perhaps it was for the best. I do wish I'd framed it a bit wider to leave more room for Jeff's body but it was either this, or make it look like the frog was dreaming of Jeff and that's weird even for me  :)


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We shot for roughly 2 hours or so over at Miramar Park which is just west of San Pedro, next to Torrance beach. It was gray, cloudy, and quite cold and we had to keep tossing a coat around Danielle between images. But in spite of all that we got some great shots in. Best wishes to Danielle & Jeff!







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