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April 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The trouble with 'blogs is that if one isn't careful they have a bad habit of getting out of date, like this one has for instance…

There's actually been quite a lot happening lately that hasn't made it to this page. Instead the end results of shoots have wound up getting posted to my Facebook page first and my poor 'blog has languished. Part of the reason is that given the software I'm using (Sandvox), it's currently a lot quicker and easier for me to share stuff on Facebook than it is for me to create a new blog post. More importantly however we've lately been having recurrent outages with our current web-hosting provider and so I intend to shortly be moving my site to a more professional and reliable hosting environment with state-of-the-art photography-focussed web-hosts Zenfolio. And of course, not really knowing what the migration entails makes me naturally more hesitant to upload stuff to my own website until after the move.

Here's a quick rundown of what's new in the pipeline. For one thing, hosting with Zenfolio will allow me to offer web-based image-proofing and ordering, so I'm quite thrilled about how that will make life easier both for my clients and for me too. No more mailing disks back and forth folks! We've also signed up with a commercial license to Animoto for their slideshows so clients will be receiving HD quality slideshows of their coverage going forward. That hasn't shown up on our package pricing yet but it exists and it'll get there at some point. And finally, we are in the process of signing up with StickyAlbums so that when you hire us, you can expect to receive your very own app on your smartphone featuring… you.  :)

It is also worth mentioning that while I still do in-house printing for my Family & Portrait Packages, for my Silver and Platinum wedding package albums I work with MPix Pro and Miller. That said, I am actively considering incorporating products from what I consider to be higher end print shops such as Black River Imaging and Leather Craftsmen. Their stuff does tend to cost more so we'll be incorporating their products into our higher end offerings as add-ons and upgrades without raising our base prices.

As of today, I can confidently affirm that no one in our market presently offers anything remotely near the quality, service, and bang for buck that I provide to my clients. My service level and product line easily matches and surpasses higher end boutique photography outfits at quite literally one-third of the price.

That's all for now folks!  :)



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