Jackrabbit Photo | Justin & Karen's Engagement Session in LA

Justin & Karen's Engagement Session in LA

October 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


I had a really pleasant evening today shooting Justin & Karen's engagement pictures at some primo locations in LA. These are places I'd visited before and have always looked forward to shooting at but for the most part my engagement sessions have till date been done on the beach at sunset. Not that I'm complaining though. Where I usually shoot no one comes by with a gun on their hip to clear their throat and say "Sir...you're going to have to quit using that light stand or go shoot from across the street..." I guess there's always trade-offs  :)


Anyway,  Justin and Karen make a beautiful couple. Here are a few of my favorite images from today's session.  131017-JustinKaren-53131017-JustinKaren-53


131017-JustinKaren-74131017-JustinKaren-74 131017-JustinKaren-125131017-JustinKaren-125 131017-JustinKaren-138131017-JustinKaren-138 131017-JustinKaren-164131017-JustinKaren-164 131017-JustinKaren-170131017-JustinKaren-170 131017-JustinKaren-175131017-JustinKaren-175 131017-JustinKaren-197131017-JustinKaren-197 131017-JustinKaren-201131017-JustinKaren-201 131017-JustinKaren-242131017-JustinKaren-242 131017-JustinKaren-247131017-JustinKaren-247 131017-JustinKaren-248131017-JustinKaren-248 131017-JustinKaren-250131017-JustinKaren-250 131017-JustinKaren-260131017-JustinKaren-260


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