Jackrabbit Photo | About

Hi, my name is Mark Chaudhary and I am a freelance photographer, videographer and cinematographer/DP based in Long Beach, California.

I started out in photography back in 2010 among the frigid steppes and the frozen tundra that is Minnesota. For a couple of years as I staggered my daily way through blizzards and ice-storms between my igloo and work, to gaze on row upon row of pictures depicting women modeling the latest trends in parkas, fur hats, face masks, and boots, I couldn’t help but think there must be a better way to make a living.

In 2012 after a particularly bad snowstorm and having to flee a rampaging herd of starving bison at an ice-sculpture exhibition in downtown St. Paul I decided I’d finally had enough and went home and packed up the sno-cat to leave for good.

In the coming weeks as I drove across the country seeking my new home I wrestled with withdrawal symptoms from an expensive and debilitating addiction to fried cheese curds but the wide open spaces, colorful landscapes and solitude gave me strength and I persevered. When I got to California I found a small studio apartment close to the ocean on 3rd Street in Long Beach and immediately traded in my snow tires and thermal underwear for a pair of Nikon D600’s. There would be no looking back.

In the next few years I photographed anyone and everything that came my way with a credit card or a check book in hand. I’ve shot maternities and newborns, weddings and engagements, although not in that order. I’ve also covered commercial and private functions and events, done headshots for artists and professionals and even shot a smattering of boudoir, although, not all at the same time. And I have shot an absolute ton of family portraits and kids.

Then in early 2015 in the course of doing promotional photography work for a local business in Long Beach I discovered the joy of working with moving pictures. I spent 2015 and 2016 working mostly on small business promo commercials and music videos, the latter often shot with green screen for adding special effects in post. In 2017 I started a small independent film maker group and shot my first short. 2018 is all about continuing to hone my skills with cinema camera operation, lighting, writing, and editing.  

And that brings us to what I can do for you. My approach has not been to specialize which has brought me a wealth of experience and the capacity to work in widely varying situations and circumstances. I am fully equipped to plan, light, shoot, record clean sound, cut and edit, color correct and deliver your final product. In addition I work closely with some of the finest and most capable visualFX people in the industry. In short, I do soup to nuts.

I thoroughly enjoy new challenges and I am looking forward to chatting with you about your next project!