So much new...

March 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So I've not had much luck trying to maintain this "blog" for the past decade or so and it has tended to appear and disappear sporadically depending on how I feel about it at any given point of time. This marks another attempt to resurrect and breathe life into it  :)

Zenfolio is still an absolute royal pain to upload video to (which was part of the issue) requiring several steps before one can post video but I'll try and persevere. By way of example, a 2 minute video takes about 5 minutes to upload to Zenfolio and then another 49 MINUTES (yup...) to process before it's available for posting. That's just ridiculous and it means it takes roughly an hour to post a 2 minute video, or it needs to be done in stages.

Anyway, there's been a ton of stuff happening over the past year or so and I'm quite pleased with my progress both as camera op as well as editor. I wound up ditching the FS700 as well as the Shogun with a move to smaller lighter (and faster) gear. Heavier gear can always be rented when the occasion calls (and pays  ;) ) for it. Oh and the solution to editing 4K which I discovered after that last post was simply to edit using proxies and then render when done. Easy enough.





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