Deanna, Bryce & Kowan's family shoot at The Summit House Restaurant

December 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I've really enjoyed shooting in and around LA over the fall and winter this year as the fall colors have been vibrant and lasting. It seems whichever park one picks to shoot in, there are invariably some trees that are turning color slower than others offering a pretty backdrop for a shoot.

The images below were made on the 18th of December, 2013 on the lawns of The Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton. Little Kowan lasted pretty long for an 8 month old  :)  

131218-DeannaBryce-111131218-DeannaBryce-111 131218-DeannaBryce-433131218-DeannaBryce-433 131218-DeannaBryce-260131218-DeannaBryce-260 131218-DeannaBryce-252131218-DeannaBryce-252 131218-DeannaBryce-245131218-DeannaBryce-245 131218-DeannaBryce-178131218-DeannaBryce-178 131218-DeannaBryce-172131218-DeannaBryce-172 131218-DeannaBryce-118131218-DeannaBryce-118


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