The journey to Capture NX-D via Capture One

April 10, 2017
So this little rabbit hole has become a fascinating journey. In the course of exploring Capture One and quickly coming to prefer its raw processing over Lightroom, I wrot...
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Mauli Mehta maternity shoot

April 08, 2017
Just a quick post to share some of my favorites from Mauli's maternity session today.:)
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Moving from Lightroom to Capture One

March 30, 2017
So after 7 years (roughly) of being in business and using Lightroom, last week I had a bit of an epiphany. I imported a recent client session of my Nikon NEFs into Captur...
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So much new...

March 07, 2017
So I've not had much luck trying to maintain this "blog" for the past decade or so and it has tended to appear and disappear sporadically depending on how I feel about it...
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4K tests on the FS700

May 23, 2016
Two days ago I took the FS700 and a few lenses, namely the SELP 18-200 and some older Nikon 24mm/f2 AI & Nikon 50mm/f2 AI (unfortunately the 2 Adorama links will only get...
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Continuing the quest for the right recorder. Odyssey7Q+ vs Shogun. Price drop on Shogun!

February 03, 2016
I wound up getting my hands on the Odyssey7Q+ and spent a solid 6 hours learning and recording with it before deciding to finally go with the Shogun instead. The essence...
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Tax Ninja of Tucson

February 02, 2016
Here's a short commercial I just finished for a small business and personal tax accountant based in Tucson. LSJ Accounting sent me the raw green screen footage shot by a...
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Adorama & Amazon affiliate programs

February 01, 2016
A few days back I signed up with both Adorama & Amazon's affiliate programs. As a result any items I link to on this blog in the course of time will inevitably link back...
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Max! checks out the FS700

January 22, 2016
So Max! stopped by today cos he'd been hearing about the new FS700 and all and he got very excited about the old Russian lens I had on it. On the whole I'd say his reacti...
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Sony FS700R - Atomos Shogun or Convergent Design Odyssey7q+

January 21, 2016
Continuing this line of research I've come to the conclusion that the decision, for me at least, is a bit more nuanced than I was originally expecting. I began writing th...
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